How It works

Water Plus Supplements

A new and unique Patented beverage brand offering a suite of healthy, convenient and affordable products. So simple and intelligent, it’s actually revolutionary.

What: W+S is a novel solution to a universal daily need in a convenient, beneficial and inexpensive package. By pairing pure filtered water with a pharmaceutical-grade supplement, you get single-use hydration and nutrition in one simple step, all for about the cost of a coffee.

Application: Every bottle of water includes a supplement that’s either in capsule form or effervescent tablet, depending on the product. Both are effective and convenient. Effervescent is used when faster absorption is optimal. Neither require an entire bottle of water; that’s why our drinks aren’t premixed.


  • Healthy – Our purified water has an ideal pH level of 8.5, and our supplements contain no calories, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners or dyes, and no harmful chemicals, and they’re sourced from FDA-certified manufacturers.
  • Longevity – Our supplements are specially sealed in a pharmaceutical-grade blister. This means they won’t suffer degradation or loss of potency when exposed to oxygen, heat or UV rays, nor do they require refrigeration.
  • Convenient – Not having premixed beverages mean you can drink what you want when you want. Drink it now, save your supplement for later, it’s your choice.
  • Sustainable – Our water comes from North America, not the South Pacific or the European Alps, and our bottles are reusable and recyclable.


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